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Hostile Takeover: A mod for Half-Life

Welcome to HT (Hostile Takeover)! These pages should provide some useful information about HT.

What is HT?

HT is a game that pits an offensive team against a defensive one. The offensive must invade and accomplish some objective, while the defensive must stop them. Aiding the defense is an advanced trap making system which the offense must overcome.

HT offers a variety of game modes: capture the souce code, search and destroy, and even a hunted-style mode where the hunted is the hunter.

The Trap-Making system - AKA 'Strategery'

The strategery system relies primarily on two objects: a source and destination. Here a tripmine can act as a source. When the beam from the tripmine is broken, the tripmine sends a message to the destination object. If the destination is a turret, then when the beam is tripped, the turret focuses on the player who tripped it and begins shooting. Thus, it's essential that the tripmine is placed so the enemy will break the beam!

Sources will include tripmines, proximity mines, and a variety of others. Destinations include various types of turrets (bullet, flame, etc), vortex inducing bombs, teleporters, alarms, and map-based (mappers can make traps that users trigger).

With careful placement of trap elements, it's possible to create intricate traps. Some players may enjoy simply taking turns creating and trying to get past them!


A variety of fun weapons are available. Classic half-life favorites are back, along with a number of new fun ones. Katanas, Jetpacks, Thiefmits (Steals your opponents weapons), Grenades that send your opponents flying or teleporting across the map, and kamikaze boxes - there are plenty of fun weapons to choose from!


Fight and defend a variety of locations: a secret development lab floating high in the atmosphere, a base on the moon, and a factory on the edge of a waterfall are just some of the maps. Mappers will find that it's easy to create new maps for HT!

Game Modes

A variety of game modes are offered. In one map you'll need to steal an objective, in another you'll need to destroy something. Some maps are complicated by a Jailbreak-style jail cell where enemy prisoners are held until their team can release them. Still other maps feature our take on the Hunted gamemode. Here the hunted is invisible and armed to the teeth. Will the other players be able to find the hunted before the hunted player finds them?


A released version is available for dowload here.


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