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Kingdom Elemental: Tactics and The Magic Toy Chest Arrive on Archive Games

Independent online distribution platform welcomes two new games created by independent developers.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA April 5, 2009 Archive Entertainment is excited to announce the immediate availability of two new games on its service: Kingdom Elemental: Tactics and The Magic Toy Chest.

The Magic Toy Chest, by Graduate Games - Pick up and use 16 unique and wacky toys across 8 different rooms of the house. Solve over 100 puzzles using the physics and fun actions of each toy. Launch rockets, drive trucks, and fly helicopters into your toy box with simple point & click controls.

Kingdom Elemental: Tactics, by Chronic Logic - This game combines tactical strategy with a unique brand of humor. KE simultaneously provides serious action while lampooning everything from overused game plots to its own units. Game Tunnel wrote "Somewhere between tactical and real time strategy there exists a perfect blend. Kingdom Elemental may very well be it."

Both games can now be downloaded via Archive Games. For more information about Archive Games, please visit http://www.ArchiveGames.net/


About Archive Entertainment:
Archive Entertainment is a company that focuses on providing products and services in the sphere of online entertainment, such as digital distribution, downloadable games, and streaming video.


The Magic Toy Chest: http://editingarchive.com/archivegames/gameimages/56.png
The Magic Toy Chest: http://editingarchive.com/archivegames/gameimages/60.png
Kingdom Elemental: Tactics: http://editingarchive.com/archivegames/gameimages/52.jpg
Kingdom Elemental: Tactics: http://editingarchive.com/archivegames/gameimages/47.jpg
Archive Games: http://archivegames.net/presskitimages/browse-games.png

More screenshots & art assets are available in press kit link below.


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